Internet Banking login:
Profile number

I/We acknowledge that by accessing this site I am/we are bound by the terms and conditions contained herein and that I/we agree to precautions to prevent fraudulent activities on my/our account.

Login to Internet Banking- What information to provide
Enter your Profile Number, User ID and Password as follows:
  • If your current Profile number is 3000000069 and User ID 1, you must enter the combination of Profile number and User ID 30000000691 in the Profile Number field
  • Also enter you current Password in the Password field.
  • Click Login .
As part of Nedbank's normal security process, your login details will be verified.
As an additional security measure, your account will be locked after three consecutive incorrect attempts to login. To reset your password, please visit your nearest branch or contact our Helpdesk.
What to expect on first time login
Step 1
Change your password.

Subsequent to providing your login details you are required to change your password to a new password of your choice.

Choosing your new password

The password rules must be used when creating your new password.
  • Password should be minimum 8 characters.
  • Password should be maximum 20 characters.
  • Password must start with an alphabetic character.

Your new password can also accommodate CAPs and a combination of alpha and numeric characters e.g. V7yKm09z or V@123new
Do not make your password too simple or easy for someone else to guess.
Step 2
Accept the Terms and Conditions.

The Terms and Conditions must be accepted before you can proceed. Only after you accepted the Terms and Conditions will you be able to transact on the new Internet Banking System.

Step 3
Choose Account nicknames.

You can skip this step if you choose to do so, and will be able to assign Account nicknames at a later stage as part of normal system functionality. Account nicknames can be assigned to that which you are familiar and comfortable with.

Step 4
Confirmation of completion of first time log in process. The system will display a confirmation message that the first time login process has been completed. Upon selecting the link to continue, you will be re-directed to the new Nedbank Internet Banking System.
Requesting your password to be re-issued
Contact your branch or phone the Helpdesk to request a re issue of your password. On log in you will be required to change your password. If you have not transacted on the new Internet Banking, you will follow the first time login process. If you have previously transacted on the new Internet Banking you will be re-directed to transact after the password change.
Once you have changed your password successfully and transacted on the new Internet Banking System.
You will be re-directed to transact after your login details have been provided and successfully verified.
What if I get stuck or need more information?
  • The Helpdesk will be available to answer any questions you might have, or connect you with our support team.Please contact them on +264612952222
  • You can visit you nearest branch and speak to the Electronic Banking Specialist or your Relationship Manager.
  • An online demo of the new Internet Banking features will be available.